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September 09, 2014
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There are many reasons for tooth loss. 

No matter what the reasons are, tooth loss not only causes cosmetic problems, but also makes it difficult to eat or speak correctly.  With time, other teeth may drift into the space left by the missing tooth.  With today’ s amazing advances in dentistry you can now replace missing teeth in a variety of ways ranging from state of the art Implant dentistry to economical and cosmetic removable appliances.

Dental implants are an effective and excellent long-term option to replace missing teeth. Many patients prefer fixed permanent teeth as opposed to anything removable.  With Implants, patients can return to eating their favorite foods and showing off their beautiful, youthful smile.

A permanent Porcelain bridge can replace missing teeth by using existing teeth as anchors, and is then   bonded into place.  When compared to the removable options, they look and feel much more natural while eating and speaking is much better.


Removable partial and full dentures are the most economical way to replace your missing teeth.  Multiple teeth may also be replaced with one appliance.  Artificial teeth are attached to pink or gum-colored plastic bases that are connected by metal or ‘valplast’ (gum colored) framework. Metal clasps and other attachments connect the partial dentures to your natural teeth.

However, they come with some disadvantages too. They are not as stable and as esthetic as a bridge, and may take some getting- used- to in your mouth. They also need to be taken out for cleaning after eating.








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